FAD ALERT: Celery Juice Won't Cure Chronic Illness

Is celery juice a miracle health cure? Or just another fad. Read below for a scientific review.


The celery juice movement is strategically targeting chronic illness patients on social media. Celery juice advocates have been commenting on their Instagram posts claiming that celery juice will cure them of their conditions. These conditions range from chronic fatigue syndrome to psoriasis to even cancer. Thankfully, these people sent the posts straight to me to debunk! What concerns me most is that some people with a chronic illness are vulnerable to this sort of information as they are (quite understandably) desperate for a cure.

This movement is being headed up by a company with the name 'medical' in their name. Don't be deceived - they are not doctors. Plus, there isn't a single study proving that celery juice cures ANY human disease. There are a couple of test tube studies which found that celery has antioxidant activity...but so do many other fruits and vegetables! I'm all for people with chronic illnesses trying to eat better, however to target these patients who are desperate for a cure is INHERENTLY WRONG. What makes matters worse is that there are some big names supporting the celery juice movement including Gwyneth Paltrow and Pharrell Williams - they both provide online testimonials on the company website. Celebrities are not qualified to comment on nutrition or medical matters. To do so is extremely unprofessional.

The strongest kinds of scientific studies are in the form of systematic reviews, meta analyses and randomised control trials. As you will see in the diagram below, anecdotal evidence is at the bottom of the hierarchy of evidence. This is because it relies heavily or even entirely on personal testimony. Just because something worked for your friend, doesn't mean it will work for you.

If you are after scientifically sound nutrition or medical advice, I would recommend following my fellow fad fighters (Dietetically Speaking, Rooted Project, British Dietetic Association). We will be more than happy to debunk any social media nonsense for you!

Celery Juice Summary:

🚫 No scientific studies to support these claims

🚫 Celebrity endorsement doesn't mean anything

🚫 'Medical' in a company name doesn't mean anything

🚫 Wrong to target vulnerable chronic illness patients

✅ Ask for evidence